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Limited Liability Companies (LLCs)

Business owners create legal structures to protect personal assets from liabilities incurred during the course of business. Startups and partnerships like the LLC for the flexibility that its Operating Agreement offers, and it’s a useful business structure for small business and sole proprietors as well. For example, a corporation must have regular meetings with its board of directors—complete with recorded minutes—while LLCs do not have the same requirement. There are also distinctive tax structures for both entities.

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We help producing required legal documents such as obtain Articles of Incorporation, minutes, Bylaws, Statement of Information and EIN number.

Forming a corporation limits an owner’s legal and financial responsibility for the activities and debts of the business. Plus, incorporation provides a structure that can attract potential investors, and may help a new business establish credibility with customers and potential partners.

Incorporating your business separates you from your business as a separate legal entity, preventing you from being fully responsible for any debts accrued by your business.


With over a hundred thousand nonprofits, competition for your nonprofit is fierce. If you are well prepared at the beginning, starting a nonprofit will be easier.

We will help you file and register your entity and obtain EIN number.

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