Civil Rights

When city, state, or federal governments violate your civil rights, it is hard not to feel like there’s no one on your side. You have a right to an able defense whether you face a police officer overstepping their authority, a school district failing to provide the education your child needs, or a workplace failing to make reasonable accommodations for your protected disabilities.

When a company makes a job-related decision based on your gender, sexuality, age, race, or religion they are violating the law. When a bank won’t lend to you though you meet all their qualifications, a restaurant won’t serve you because of your race or religion, or a business lets you go because they found out you are pregnant or have cancer, you have rights that must be defended. We look forward to ensuring you enjoy the civil rights protection the law saws every individual deserves.

If you have been arrested or injured exercising your first amendment right of free speech, your right to protest, or your right to vote, please contact us immediately.

If you have been abused during arrest, unlawfully detained, subjected to illegal searches or seizures, or refused the right to acquire legal representation, please reach out as soon as possible for a free case consultation.

We will be aggressive in protecting the rights in the California State Constitution and US Constitution that protect us all.