Criminal Law

When accused of a crime, a good legal defense is the only thing that will protect your life, your family, your income, your property. Criminal convictions stay on your record forever and can come back to haunt you year after year. Failure to respond correctly to arrest, detainment, bail hearings, and all the other actions required by the process puts you in an ever worse position. Your legal team need to be attentive, proactive, and responsive in handling your case.

We support clients who contact us immediately after arrest, after they have been charged of misdemeanor and felony crimes, and after conviction when they are pursuing an appeal.

We help clients get cases dismissed and past convictions expunged. Your past mistakes don’t have to haunt you for a lifetime.

  • Contact us a quickly as possible for a free consultation. Immediately after arrest is not too soon.
  • Do not talk to police officers or anyone else about your case. Remember family and friends can be drawn into your case if you speak to them. Talk only to your attorney about your case. It is their job to represent you..
  • Remain calm, hopeful, civil, and polite. When you’re the target of a criminal prosecution, you are under a microscope. Your behavior can have a tremendous impact on the outcome of your case.

Our law firm is standing by to assist you. Please reach out now for a free consultation. We look forward to being of service to you in this very difficult time.