It has never been more difficult to navigate the United States immigration process. Rapidly changing enforcement procedures, executive orders that have turned into federal court cases, private security companies involved in detaining immigrants, all lead to dramatic new challenges for those entering our country.

Even if you have followed all the rules and met all the deadlines, you may find what you’ve been told to expect is no longer the case. The job you’ve been offered, the money you’ve brought with you, the business you are prepared to start, may suddenly not be enough to guarantee you swift admission and permission to work here. We understand your frustration and we will work with you to ensure you can get the residency or citizenship you came here for.

If you are an undocumented resident suddenly facing unprecedented and aggressive action by ICE and other agencies, we understand this is a truly terrifying time for you and your family. Please contact us for a free case consultation as soon as possible so we can take the steps required to protect you.

The longer you delay the more at risk you are for bad outcomes personally and professionally. Immigration law requires very proactive legal representation in order to protect you and those you love.